Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Shopping discrimination

I don't know if I am paranoid or if this is real but a lot of times I feel as if shop owners feel irritated by my presence. At least until I join the queue at the cash counter in the end with some stuff. They seem to think that I am not going to buy anything since I do not 'look rich'. It makes them feel that I am simply increasing their work. Again, nothing can be done except ignoring. I guess I am getting quite good at this ignoring thing. Reminding myself that they are stupid helps a lot.

It is true that beauty is to some extent a reflection of how much money you've got but it's not the case always. Personally, I do not put make up because I do not feel comfortable with this stuff on my face and even if I did, it's not good for me as I have acne.

I am a hairy person. I've got dark and course hair everywhere. Hair removal, especially on my legs, causes me to get ingrown hair. And my underarms are not beautiful. As you might know, I belong to a race where a lot of women have underarms that are darker than the rest of the arm. So I am normally dressed conservatively and without make up, probably making me look poor. I don't completely blame people for judging me like that because most of the times generalizations are true to some extent but I do hope that once in a while people treat me exactly the same way as a beautiful person is treated...a beautiful person who is much much poorer would get a ten-fold respect from everyone. I just wish the world was not so unfair. Anyway I should be happy that my life is totally great apart from the fact that I'm ugly. And surely there are people who are uglier than me so probably I should try to focus my attention on their plight instead.

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