Sunday, 8 January 2012

What's with the thinness?

So I recently visited home in India after more than a year. The very expected reaction was "My God! You've grown so thin! You've become half of what you were!".

Now if I am asked to choose between believing a naked human eye or a weighing machine, I would go with the latter, which ironically tells me that I have not lost a single pound. So what's with the comments? I have my own theory for that.

People seem to forget just how thin I am originally, i.e., their brains cannot retain the simple information of my natural state of thinness. So every time they see me, they seem to think I have lost weight. I know what is going to happen when I go back to Germany again. Same reactions and comments. I feel like putting a note on my forehead saying "I know you think I am thin so don't bother announcing it". Also it will hide some acne marks on my

I also don't understand why harassing someone on being thin is okay when it is considered totally rude to bug someone for being fat. People need to learn some manners.

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