Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Advantages of being ugly

So everyone's talking about how being ugly is horrible and the worst thing ever. But there are some great advantages to it too: -

1) Since you know you're ugly, you put in more effort to develop other traits of your personality such as charm and humour which most people find attractive.

2) You know that whatever you have achieved is because of your hard-work and dedication and has nothing to do with your looks. If anything, you might have had to work extra hard to counter the ill-effects your looks might have created. So essentially, you totally deserve your current position of success.

3) You don't have to be worried about people flirting with you casually only to leave you heart-broken in the end. You know that if somebody seems interested then they must REALLY be interested since they care to hang out with you despite how you look. So they indeed must be interested in you as a person.

4) People are comfortable around you because they never feel inferiority complex as far as looks are concerned.

So all you ugly people out might have more than what you think! Cheer up and live your life to the fullest!


  1. oooooooooohhh!! I love this! thanks! :D

  2. Easy for you to say such positive things. You are thin, smart and have confidence. I am overweight (have been all my life) and I am not smart at all. Guess what, I am 35 and still single. Never get asked or bothered about. Oh well...I am happy for you though.

    All the best!

    1. Dear Shalu,

      Thank you for being happy for me :)

      I am thin and smart (intellectually) but I only fake confidence. Confidence can be very sexy to people so if you don't have it, fake it. Like they say, fake it until you make it. It's a cliche for a reason.

      And when one is ugly then one would have to settle for a not-so-great-looking spouse but we ugly people know that looks don't say anything about who you are as a person so we don't mind that right? Perhaps there are other 'ugly' guys out there who are facing the same problem...very nice but unlucky people. Try to find them...maybe through the internet? For ugly people, love marriage fits the best because in a love marriage you fall in love with the person...not just the face and body.

      I never got asked out either. My current bf(and my first and only one :P) is my work colleague who I started hanging out with outside work for sports. And he never asked me out formally but slowly we started hanging out more and more and it gradually happened. And trust me, I really also had to take a proactive role in initiating this. So try to meet people online maybe. Don't give up.

  3. If it is you in the profile picture...then I must compliment that you have such beautiful hands!!! I have always loved broad nails..mine are so stupid and narrow...sheesshhh.....

    thanks for the blog!

    1. It's not me in the profile picture...I took it from the internet (I hope I am not infringing on copyright!). And if it helps, I'm a bit of a tomboy (though I have long hair) and so I don't keep my nails long...I cannot type otherwise. I also hate painting them because I'm lazy. I looked at the girl's hands though because I got curious and they're indeed beautiful! My knuckles and finger joints are very dark compared to the colour of the rest of the finger. Lol...I found another fault with myself.

  4. Just because your ugly dont identify yourself to the entire race so as to say UGLY INDIAN GIRL. why dont u call urself just an ugly girl. instead of adding indian out there. im an indian girl . and trust me. im really pretty as well as intelligent. i dont like it when people of my country call themselves ugly and then blame their race for it. thats stupid. 2ndly. the more u continue to tell urself that ur ugly. the longer ull just stay that way and sulk in that crap .

  5. Dear Ansh,

    I call myself that because I AM Indian. Are you suggesting that just because I am ugly I need to disassociate myself from my nationality so that others are not embarrassed? Then why should I even call myself a girl? All girls will say don't give girls a "bad name". Just because I am an ugly Indian girl does not mean every Indian girl is ugly. I think that is pretty obvious.

    It is ironic that you should post about my 'sulkiness' on such a positive post of mine. If you are so pretty, why don't you just move on and not hang out on the blog of a sulky ugly Indian girl?

  6. Wah wah wah girls what's with all "ugly" comments. Noone in this world is have got to love your self and if there is something about you that bothers u. Work on it. If you don't love yourself u can't expect someone else to.