Friday, 4 March 2011

Classification of people based on their reaction to my acne

So over the time I have seen people react differently to my ugly face. I classify them here:-

1) The ignorers:
A lot of people come into this category. I love them. I don't care about honesty here. If you are appalled at my face, just disguise it! Please do it for my sake, I beg you! It at least gives me hope that there is a 50% chance that you actually don't care about it, the other 50% being that you are disguising your true feelings.

The ignorers can be further sub-classified: -
a) The friendly ones: These are the ones who either pity me or look beyond my face and are nice to me. Needless to say, I survive because of them.
b) The real ignorers: They don't talk to me. I still don't know how much of it has to do with my face but I know that it has a big part to play. My absolutely gorgeous friend gets big smiles and friendly conversations everywhere she goes.

2) The triers:
There are people who try to ignore and disguise but fail. So these are people who, no matter how hard they try, cannot help drifting to your scars during a conversation. I feel very uncomfortable with them and even around them.

3) The direct ones:
These are people who will meet you once or twice and that's all they need to announce to me that I have these scars. Well, thanks for letting me know you dumbass! Apparently I do not know the existence of a mirror so that I have never bought one which is why I am totally unaware of how I look!

4) The 'helpers':
I HATE THEM! Not because they are trying to help but mostly because they seem to think I am not trying to do anything about it. They set out to prove that I am not working hard enough for it. Yes you idiot! I really enjoy being hideous, so why would I do anything about it? They seem to think that every person who has acne is because they are not working hard enough to get rid of it. They don't realize that getting to know the root cause of it and to rid it takes time. If you get Tuberculosis you have to take medication for at least a year before you are completely cured. I give a sample conversation: -

Helper: You know you have TB and it makes you very weak and unhealthy.
TB patient: Yes I know.
Helper: Why don't you do something about it?
TB patient: Yes I am taking medication.
Helper: Well apparently it is not working for you.
TB patient: It takes time to heal completely. (For acne, to get the right cure is a whole different issue!)
Helper: You know you should try this...and that....and that too....blah blah.
TB patient (irritated and uninterested): Yeah okay.
Helper: See this is your problem. You are not trying hard enough. You are so uninterested.
TB patient (to herself/himself): Shut the fuck up already!

I think I haven't missed anyone. If it were not for the friendly ignorers, I don't know how I would be surviving :( It's hard.


  1. I get your break down of people. I have scars on my cheeks, which due to my oily skin get filled with gunk. It is just gross. People who say 'It is isn't so bad' really bug me. Quite often I just say, you need to get your eyes tested.
    As for the helpers. I love the diet tips... If I cut out any more of what I am eating my diet will revolve around litre after litre of water, no sugar, no dairy, no meat. Then if I say I hate fish, they look at me like I bring it on myself... you can't win!

  2. I totally get you :) Which country are you from?

  3. I can not totally relate to what you are saying. I like the ignorers too, it just makes it less difficult to like my reflection in the mirror. Moreover it is too stressful to take care of the skin so much so that you end up crying to yourself,"Why ME!"