Friday, 4 March 2011

Why am I ugly?

This post is not a 'Why me??' rambling. It is rather about the specific characters that make me look ugly.

1) I have horrible acne scars.
This is the primary aspect of my ugliness. They make me look so shitty. I will describe the psychological torture acne imposes on me in a different post. But physically, they just make my face look horrible. My whole face has black marks, including forehead (worst affected), cheeks, chin and nose. I get acne right below my lower lip in the middle of the chin so that it looks like a small fucking patch of beard. Now if I were a man it would probably look fashionable but it makes me look double worse because I'm a woman.

My nose, ugh! It has blackheads and whiteheads. I try removing them all the time but they just sometimes lead to black spots, making the nose look even worse.

2) Dry, flaky skin:
It makes my face look dull and horrid.

3) Facial hair:
I have side-locks and moustache (not a heavy one but still quite noticeable). I epilate the side-locks and pluck away the moustache but there are times when they are growing back and I look ridiculous and hideous.

4) Horrible, frizzy hair:
My hair is so frizzy that I cannot cut it short as it will look funny and with long hair, all I can do is tie it up unfashionably and still it goes crazy behind my back.

Now you get the whole picture of what makes me ugly. I guess you are already disgusted by the image that you have in your mind. I hope I haven't scared you away from my blog :P


  1. Hi,

    I also have had acne and still suffer from boils etc. Bad skin is an absolutely devastating thing. There are days I feel too ugly to look in the mirror because my face has been distorted by lumps, open wounds, swelling etc. I haven't got an issue with my hair thank God. But I feel your pain. I also have a slight problem with facial hair. I pluck random hairs from around my face and use hair remover on my top lip. I hate it. It doesn't just take up time, but it also makes me very paranoid. I think my issues are not helped by the fact I can't help but pick...

    Keep on blogging...
    Good luck =)

  2. I Feel you sister! what i mean is, I have facial hair too and the black marks on my nose and chin..Chin is the worst and not forgetting i have mustache and few strands of hair on my chin. imagine that!haha sometimes,it's so good to make fun of ourselves,right..:P

  3. Well, I am ugly coz I have ugly bone structure and my facial features (eyes, nose, lips) are disproportionate and not symmetrical. I am a classic example of being born ugly. On the other hand, my younger sister is very beautiful. Men who would come to see me for marriage alliance, would end up asking for her hand.

    She has a job, a loving husband, a car and will be buying a house pretty soon. I am happy for her, coz I would rather have me being miserable than the other way around. She is a lovely lady and she deserves everything she has.

    But I feel terrible for myself, I just got so unlucky...but oh well...:-(

  4. I so empathize with you, my dear girl! I too used to feel as ashamed of my appearance, acutely aware of people passing me over, not giving me a second glance. I know what it is to yearn for beauty, only to be disappointed every single day. I know you think you'd be happy if only you didn't have acne, frizzy hair,etc.,etc. But let me tell you a little secret: you'll never be content. I know from experience. People will, if your case is anything like mine, continue to mentally categorize you as plain, at least according to you. But my dear, I'm gonna tell you something that someone or the other has doubtless told you before: looks aren't important. No, I really mean it.If anything, they're a hindrance. I don't really know you, and I don't know what's gonna happen to you in life, but I do know what will happen once you're dead. When you die, you will stand before the judgement throne of the Lord, your Creator. And I can bet you won't be thinking about your earthly, mortal appearance anymore. My dear, your soul is supremely important! I know we haven't met, and we probably never will, but I must tell you something: you are a sinner. Everytime you've gone against God's commandments, everytime you lied, cheated, stole, hated,envied, and so on, you sinned. It's in our nature to sin. Everyone, no matter how good they appeared to be in this world, has sinned and fallen short of God's holy standard. There is nothing you can do to save yourself by your own works; no matter how much you give to charity, no matter how compassionate and generous you are, you are a sinner. So am I. So is every single person who's ever lived. And,as justice decrees, we should perish in hell. But God loves us,wicked though we may be. God loved us so much, He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ to take our sins on Himself and die the death we deserved. And, by repenting of our sins and believing in Christ as the only way to heaven, we 're forgiven! Those who refuse to take this only hope of salvation will have to suffer the consequences their sin brought upon them. Someone said that mercy and judgement met at the cross, and that is so incredibly true! Because of God's mercy, Jesus took our judgement! This beautiful, glorious hope that I have, this hope of eternal life, banishes every self-conscious thought. This is the reason I don't not fear death. This is the reason I don't jump onto the beauty bandwagon. It's all so superficial and shallow and UNNECESSARY. My life now, should be devoted to Christ, my savior; I have to 'seek and save the lost' as he commanded. I have to use my talents for His glory. I have to keep reminding myself that I could die at any moment and keep getting my priorities straight. So, dear sister across the globe, I wish you'd take this to heart. Your appearance is inconsequential, your soul is not, even though the world may trick you into believing otherwise.