Sunday, 28 October 2012

Inferiority complex in a relationship

So did I tell you guys that I have a super handsome bf? :P We're together since 2 years now...yay!! :)

Initially when he started showing interest in me, I was very skeptical. It was hard to believe that such a handsome and smart man would be interested in someone like me. When we got together I would say a million times how I don't know why he likes me when he can get so many other prettier girls. And he would always reassure me how beautiful my personality is.

But then I realized at some point that insecurity is not sexy...confidence is. When you are confident, you are sexy and intriguing to your partner. Initially one has to feign confidence when you don't have it. The phrase "Fake it till you make it", although cliched, is really true. Once you start getting noticed, your confidence increases on its own and you no longer need to feign it. And yes, confidence makes the difference. So all you ladies and gentlemen out there who feel bad about themselves, smile and try to be confident and it will soon come to you naturally :)

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  1. That's what I have been doing all my life. You're lucky that you have a bf who's interested in you. The men I was with were either just playing around like a prank or were embarrassed about me. My first love, that I treasured so much, dumped me because I'm ugly. One day I was something that he couldn't live without and the next day I was trash all of a sudden. That was so hard to get over. I cannot even talk about this to my friends because its embarrassing and to make it worse they give me this "oh! You poor thing! Not again" look. He tortured with his trash talk like I betrayed him after breaking up and then finally gathers courage exactly after 7 months of torture to say that he broke up with me because I'm ugly. We grow up reading fairytales that always end happy with the princess finding her prince charming and they lived happily ever after. Its cruel to give kids such books because when we grow, either we like it or not, we have to accept that not all of us can have happily ever afters and accept the ugly truth about this world. I'm no princess but I believe I deserve a decent man.